Polishing & Rhodium Plating

Is your engagement ring looking dull or does it need a rhodium plate?

At David East Jewellers we offer a same day polishing and rhodium plating service on all yellow, rose,  white gold jewellery, platinum and palladium diamond rings. To rediscover your jewellery pieces original shine and without altering its shape, polishing jewellery involves removing the slight scratches by cutting and then buffing which allows the metal to have a high luster and shine. Polishing cannot remove scratches that are too deep in the metal.

Rhodium Plating

All new white gold jewellery is polished and rhodium plated. To enhance the whiteness and brilliance of white gold it is covered with a thin coating of rhodium which is an ultra silvery white colour that covers the existing metal through electrolysis.

 How often should I rhodium plate my jewellery?

When your engagement ring or jewellery are starting to look dull and is no longer shiny. The rhodium plating has most likely warn off and it may be time to have your jewellery re-rhodium plated. There is no set rule on how long rhodium plating should last for. Every person has a different acetone level in their skin and rhodium plating on some people may not last as long as others.

It is a personal preference to how often you have your diamond engagement and wedding ring rhodium plated. Or any other white gold jewellery for that matter. We do suggest to rhodium plate diamond engagement rings every 12 months, as it is important to inspection all claws and diamonds as they are subjected to the most wear.

Caring of rhodium plated jewellery

Rhodium plating will not last forever and will wear off after some time. There are certain things that you can do to prevent the rhodium plating wear off and lasting as long as possible.

  • Avoid coarse and abrasive surfaces or textures like weights and nail files.
  • Take your jewellery off when swimming in a chlorinated pool as chlorine will remove the plating.
  • Avoid contact and exposing your jewellery to harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Perfumes and alcohol also affects rhodium plating. Avoid contact with perfume and alcohol hand sanitizers. Alcohol will remove the rhodium plating.


Please call and make an appointment to have your rings rhodium plate in our Melbourne city showroom located on Level 5, 227 Collins Street.



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