Pearl Repairs

Is your pearl necklace broken or is the threading looking dirty? Have them restrung with us.

At David East Jewellers we offer a large and extensive range of pearl repairs and services on all types of pearls such as; White South Sea Pearls, Golden South Sea Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, Akoya Pearls, Fresh Water Pearls, Seed Pearls and also costume pearls.   

Our pearl repair services range from the following and more;

  • Pearl Re-stringing
  • Pearl Replacements
  • Pearl Cleaning
  • Pearl Re-glueing
  • Pearl Drilling
  • Gold or Silver Pearl Clasp Replacements
  • Pearl Earring Stud Posting
  • Pearl Ring Resizing
  • Pearl Broach Repairs


We ensure and care for all of our customers jewellery items and guarantee that there is a high level of care when left with us for repairs. Whether you're having a fresh water pearl stud repaired or having your Golden South Sea pearl necklace restrung with cotton or silk threading we treat all of our customers items with value.

Pearl Care

If your pearls have become loose or they move on your pearl strand, the threading has stretched and is warn. Having the pearls restrung before they break will prevent the pearls either being lost or damaged. We recommend when having the pearls restrung it is important to double knot the larger pearls such as the south sea or tahitian pearls. In case of such an event where the necklace breaks, you do not end up losing or damaging the pearls when they fall off.

Pearls should be kept in a soft cloth or pouch which will prevent harder gemstone jewellery from scratching them. Storing pearls in a security box or a jewellery box that is cloded for a long period of time causes the pearls to either discolour and dehydrate.

"Last thing you put on, first thing you take off"

We highly recommend to avoid all contact with cosmetics, perfume's, and hair spray's. Making sure that pearls are the last thing out put on, and the first thing you take off. This will ensure that the lustre and shine of your pearls will be preserved.

Please call or visit our showroom located on Level 5, 227 Collins Street, Melbourne.


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