Diamond Certificate Verification Check by Laboratory

The most recognized diamond grading laboratories include GIA, IGI, AGS and EGL. These laboratories offer an online verification check on the reports that have been carried out by the gemologist within the institute. The verification check shows that the report or certificate is authentic and matches the diamond.

Find the corresponding institute that has given the report and enter the report number and the carat weight of the particular stone.   

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Report Check   

This service is currently available for GIA Diamond Grading Reports, GIA Coloured Diamond Grading Reports, and GIA Diamond Dossiers, issued after January 1, 2000. 


IGI (International Gemological Institute) Verify Your Report

Please note that our online data retrieval service shows only results for diamond reports issued after June 2004 and jewelry reports issued after October 2011. Our report database is updated daily to ensure its accuracy.


AGS (American Gem Society) Verify a Diamond Grading Report

The AGS Laboratories' Report Verification enables you to check that the information on your diamond grading report matches the information stored in the AGS Laboratories diamond report database.


EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) Grading Results

EGL USA offers you the convenience of online stone grading results. By keying in the report number or pre-grading receipt number, you can easily check grading results or verify a grade by stone number. NOTE: When keying in your report number, drop the first two letters.  For example, if your report number is USUE84321950 or US222333D, you would enter: 222333D below. The first two letters, US or CA, indicate the location of the EGL USA Group lab and should not be keyed in below. Online results are available for reports issued after 1995.


DCLA (Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia)

The DCLA Certificate Check allows you to view a virtual image of your certificate. In an instant, you can confirm that the information on a DCLA certificate matches what is archived in our records, providing you with an extra level of confidence.


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