Diamond Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Buying a diamond engagement ring is part of a much larger decision that goes far beyond jewellery, tradition, or money.

An engagement ring is a symbol of your love and commitment to your future wife.  Engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was once believed that the vein in this finger ran straight to the heart.  You want to choose a ring that will remind her of that day for the rest of your lives together, so it’s important that you choose a ring that represents your love for her.

How much should I spend?

This is an emotional and significant event in someone’s life that will last a lifetime. You should look at a ring as a long term investment and a good starting point in working out a budget is using the common rule of thumb for an engagement ring is two month’s salary.

Your engagement ring budget will be based on not only your income but also your knowledge of diamonds which will help to determine the quality and value of the diamond and engagement ring. Our diamond education guide will help you choose an engagement ring setting she will love, and decide on the right diamond size and quality to make the perfect engagement ring for her.

You should prioritize your spending. Whether it is more important to her to have a big diamond of lower quality or a small diamond of higher quality? Would she prefer to have numerous smaller diamonds either side of the centre stone or a single larger solitaire?    

Learn About Diamonds

To start your shopping on a diamond engagement ring, you need to understand the four C’s and the diamonds different attributes.

·        Cut

·        Carat

·        Colour

·        Clarity

·        Certification

By understanding these qualities you can determine which attributes are most important to you, and you can find a balance between them that best suits your budget and the perfect diamond. To learn more about diamonds, visit our diamond education guide.

Wedding Bands

A wedding band symbolises the beginning of a wonderful journey ahead and your ongoing commitment to each other. Choosing your wedding bands is an important decision and careful consideration should be taken on how it will compliment the engagement ring.

Many women now go for a diamond set eternity band which usually enhances the engagement ring and at the same time makes its own statement. When wearing a diamond set eternity band with a diamond engagement ring, make sure that the colour and the clarity of the diamonds are of similar grading value. Keep in mind that the engagement ring and eternity band will sit flush together with a similar band width to match.


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